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Monday, March 08, 2010

3 March - DPW

I get notifications of certain gigs. There's one I want to go to as Saint Jude seem to be gaining plaudits at the 100 Club. I check the website and the pleasant surprise is that the support will be Diesel Park West. You won't know them but I rather liked their brand of West Coast sounding rock which unsuprisingly failed to set the charts alight in 1989. The time was not right for harmonies or maybe it was just that they were not easy on the eye. The singer was sort of sexy depending where you stood but def a boys band not one to trouble knicker throwers. I can't say I know them but I found myself in Marrakesh with them as appendage to a married man involved with them. Which reminds me of the fact that when people are having affairs the whole entourage knows apart from the injured party. I don't think anyone bought the covers story of why I was there and I don't remember us having separate rooms. I went along for a weekend in the sun and to see the Mamounia hotel which I think had already been namechecked by Bryan Ferry or some such.

The funny thing was that myself and married man had been boyf/g/f years before prior to him meeting his wife so we were not doing much damage and in fact I really didn't much like his brand of sex making. I sort of suffered it once in a while for the pleasure of actually spending time with him as he's definitely and entertainig person. So I think of that when I think Cheryl Cole and all the rest. The friends/entourage of the cheater are well aware of who's on the tour coach so to speak.. remember poor Ian Curtis's wife whilst Annick whatever went all over with Joy Division? there you go, if yo saw the movie Control it spelt it out for you super clearly.

Anyway, I intended to go but nobody to go with. I made the mistake of going to a work do early evening and then telling myself I should go home change from boring work clothes and go out again, 100 Club easy enough to reach. AS IF! Other times sure I'd have gone on my own. In fact I knew of at least one person who would be there that I knew, but the will is increasingly lacking these days. The corner into age related can't be arsedness has fully been rounded.

Of course I totally regret missing the gig now.


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