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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

12th April - Diva & Rufus

As sent on the hoof to a friend.

Ps. R. and I thought Rufus’ s opera a crashing bore of a plot and no tunes, not a single one you could come out and hum. Very disappointing. I’ll wait to read reviews. 9 for effort and singers sang and acted well (male lead not that powerful at all) but the plot was repetitive, I mean really, they went back at least 4 times to what was supposed to be the magic duet and was ... not. Only 4 characters and 1 set and truly no arias! Boy george/Graham Norton in the audience and Rufus himself taking a bow. Bless. Don't give up the day job. Not like me to shuffle in my chair that much. The end was very drawn out too. You thought it was the end and no, wait, one more song that was not memorable apart from a line for La Marsellaise. Oh what fun he must have had naming his diva 'Madame Saint Laurent' . Get it? Could have been Madame LaCroix.


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