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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

12 January - forget the passwords

How great is it to arrive back at work and not remember your passwords? To use your travel card to gain access to the building? To go to the gym and don't remember you need the £1 for the towel deposit and so on...
I will pat myself on the back for actually making it in despite the strong desire to just jack it in and never do a day's employment again.
But I also forgot I was still dealing with the ineptitude of banks (in my case Abbey but a moaning email to a friend produced a different but ultimately similar tale of shoddy professionalism over at Lloyds and I'm sure you all have one)and so discovered that something that should have been progressing nicely whilst I was away, has never left the starting blocks.
Murder w/o impunity does not exist and to be honest I wouldn't really want this idiot employee to die for his mistakes but if he costs me my new home and 20k I stand to lose then he needs to have very very good karma to survive.

I promised long time ago not to turn this blog into the various rants one encounters but this is a close call.


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