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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

1 January - It gets less and less interesting

So there I was bemoaning the fact that my NYE in Mexico saw me in bed by 1.30am and totally sober - more on that later - when a quick round up of calls to/from friends revealed that all had had similar non eventful evenings: top gay friend in NY to visit well connected ex - nada, they stayed home with friends; various friends in Majorca... they were in/home and watched some fireworks from the hillside; friends in Havana, they drank as much as usual and have nothing to report. I could go on. Suffice to say that what all have in common is that they are over 40 and in most cases paired off or recently divorced or whatever but I imagine the facebook pages of 20 somethings would paint a totally different picture of bright eyed people out all nigth copping off and so on.

Actually, I lie. One 50something close friend was kidnapped in San Cristobal (also in Mexico) with his nearly 40 gorgeous friend San Fran C. (the one who spent his entire 2 weeks in the Yucatan wearing what Paul Simonon wore on stage, though think Simonon maybe didn't have cowboy boots, but definitely the mirrored raybans, this was his outfit on the beach as well) by two Mexican girls from Mexico City who fed them tequila and Colombian imports. Suffice to say that 'young' San Fran C. was sick and still is sick, whereas old codger I. was sufficiently recovered to send multiple texts detailing his night and the fact he got lost trying to get back to his hotel and so on.

Am not complaining but I think 1 white wine and 1 Margherita for 1 NYE is very poor and that was my intake. I wish I were one of the mad mexican girls from Mexico City, especially the one who spent the night with gorgeous San Fran C. though I doubt he performed at all, whereas sober Toph certainly had the energy.


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