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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

8 January - NYC

The recession has its advantages. We are a walk in into The Union Street Cafe (not a cafe in my book folks but v. expensive restaurant) and get a table no problem despite friends' warnings that we wouldn't unless booked but ... it's first week of Jan and rich people are in the Bahamas perhaps or just lost all their money to Maddoff so we get in. Great food, great service, no complaints.

We're lucky about the break in the weather signifying blue skies and no freezing wind. Rejoice. But note to self, it's all very well wanting to travel light and only bring a few choice winter items and also not wanting to buy anything new cause I don't need it but the result is that all my NYC photos are in same outfit (well, the hat changes but I can't believe I only brought one scarf! What happened? Not like me at all).

The following evening we dine at the Stanton Social (the word we forgot to notice was 'social' but then again it was chosen by 30 something yoga bunny friend) and it's great food but the 6 of us can't hear each other across the table because of the music. It has to be said no other diners (young) seem fussed but Toph decides that if you can't moan in NY then where can you do it? And so harnagues the waitress about the noise. She explains they're barred from touching the sound system and that this is how it is. And still he goes on. He ends up sayinig he wouldn't come here again. Like? She cares? We still overtip so she's happy.

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