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Thursday, April 22, 2010

22 April - Angolan Skirt

My friend S. whose younger boyfriend has put many oceans between and moved to Australia last year, though relationship is still on, claims she's horny so has to exercise every day. The woman co-owns a gym but prefers to go to Home House for her work outs since she's fallen out with someone at her hq. And so it is that M and I go meet her afterwards for a drink. It's a slow and cold evening, not many people there in the variety of rooms. As my girls are smokers it is decided we go sit in the den by the garden. Also empty when we take place. As the current fags near their end, who do I see walking towards us but unaware of us? The ex from 7/8 years ago with his current girl. Without looking he makes a beeline for the sofa next to ours, not the one along from ours but the one sharing our coffee table so to speak. Lucky for me I have x amount of seconds longer to compose my face whilst he only spots me as he sits down. Register M who he also knows. He says hello, we say hello but promptly get up to go inside.

Of all the bars in this town.. as they say. Not seen him for a couple of years at least since M's funeral service up in Kensal Green and it so happens that today I was not at work and therefore wearing something one can wear only once in a while. A few weeks back D, angola queen, came back and brought me a ludicrously bright leather skirt made of patches of multicoloured patchwork in red/orange/pink hues. In other words a scream of a skirt. I teamed it with biker boots and black top but you certainly don't pass unnoticed in it. My g/friends didn't remark on it but ex would have sooooo noticed. He is Mr sober Gucci if he can. Abhors hippy stuff. So do I!! but felt had to give the gift an airing. Oh the shame of it.

Except that a quick look at his g/friend face revealed what I thought first time had seen her. She maybe ten years younger than me and closer to him in height (I was a midget with him), but seriously ugly by comparison. There is a god.


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