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Monday, April 11, 2011

11 April - Savings & Losses

You know how they say the more you spend the less you spend? Referring to buying the good version of something so it lasts longer? A shirt in fine cotton, in colours that don't fade vs a cheap option that falls apart at the seam because they have no overlocking machines in Vietnam? A decent pair of boots vs the cheap ones that a week later the heel has gone (and costs more than the boots to repair) and oh, the 'not' leather is peeling off the back? I know that and act accordingly. Sometimes it's ok to just have throaway stuff and sometimes you want the real deal. But how about this, saving time... I bought a hair tint that promises to dye your hair in only ten minutes. Great, let's see how good it is, because frankly Superdrug own brand may be not so good. Before I report back on the coverage/durability of the dye job itself, here's what happend in saving time. The 5 mins followed by 5 mins obviously made me a bit more slapdash than usual. I have learnt long ago to execute hair dye jobs naked so I don't ruin the clothes I'm wearing but this time I ruined the ones I wasn't wearing, and the rest. After I rinsed it all off and was happily drying my hair in a black towel (obviously) I saw some marks on the nice oak wooden floor in the hallway. My fitflops had picked up some dye and trawled it around. Quick, on my knees but no joy, wood is stained. Oh well. Then I noticed flicks of purple (by this point the dark blonde dye looks purple especially on white) on walls, bath tiles and oh, on the dress I had discarded in the bath tub for washing later. Christ NOOOO!!! So then spent ages with various amounts of bleach in a basin watching any crucial developments of dye being removed. No such luck. Increas the dose but hope fabric won't get holed by burns. No.. nothing. Oh, that would be because the dress is of synthetic fabric and bleach only works on natural fabrics. Yes, that will be it. So there you go. Cost of ten minute dye job at £3.99... considerably more in time/ruined items. When will I learn? However, no idea where I am in hormonal cycle as instea of crying over own stupidity and kicking a few things around in rage I just got on with it. It really is peculiar how much depends on simple chemistry.


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