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Or.. 'f.ck me I'm forty.. two.. and a half', though can look 38 on a - not so deluded - good day. Or 'How to reconcile a well experienced mind trapped in a still - but for how long? – youthful body.' Don't have the 30somethings angst/problems, neither have the resigned (?) ageing baby-boomers in safe family territory outlook yet. Here's how I cope, one day all sexy women will get old... but never invisible. © Lisa Taylor 2005/6/7/8/9. Jeez.. so much for the 42 and-a-half delusion

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

3 April - Motor & Mouths

Our friend P. is staying fresh off the plane from USA as can't face going to her house due to some major raucus with husband who has accused her of having god knows how many affairs in the time she's been away looking after very sick mother (and before then). Funny how he can't produce any proof since there have been no affairs and it's all in his head. I blame the skunk. Honest, who does he think he is? Bob Marley? At sixty something it's time to see some sense and lead a healthier life. And before anyone says that a joint doesn't hurt anyone, these are many joints and I don't think dem police are lying when they point out to the psychosis engendered by current crops. P. talks non stop which is fine in small doses. No jetlag for her. Though I have to set boundaries for her and Toph incessant talk of the hell of modern TV making. It's too much them vs us for me. If it was always so fraught how do all these progs get made? Everyone has bad tales to tell in theatre, movies, books , the ministry of defence , the Olympics, the bank of England, whatever, it's life. We go for a pizza and her friend C. joins and for once she's sober (because tired) and very funny. Her experiences in the world of commercials /movies are priceless. This last one she did where the brief was so confusing was just the best. You know when you get asked for something old but modern, black but white, traditional but edgy and then they forget to tell you they need it for an actress and you've made it for the guy who's 6ft 6". That sort of thing. In the course of this we discover she was Jon Moss' g/friend at the time of CC formation and of course I have to call and tell my friend who was a major JM stalker back in the days. Too funny. We also discover that C's father was the lawyer who made some history by obtaining that a transgender man convicted of a crime be allowed to be sent to Holloway women's prison though can't find anything about him on the web. Must find as want to tell L. and E. for their pull the other one web magazine. Though lawyer in question is now dead so can't do interview.


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