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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

5 May - Passwords

I hate how many frikking passwords and accounts we have to have for everything, drives me nuts. Suspect that even going to live on a desert island wouldn't exhonerate me from having to have a password to, I don't know....order supplies to be parachuted down on a regular basis.

I have to keep checking the xl spreadsheet every time I have to access something on line or phone. there's 2 pages there. And of course you read these articles where they tell you never to use the same password, never to use simple ones like Welcome. Ha! yes have that one on something because I got bored once of being locked out of that account. They tell you not to just change the numeral at the end of the password but to overhaul them regularly and start again. In which case it's just so damn handy I lost my purse with all the cards and have to re-register everything. Drives me mad mad mad. May use Bollox for everything and see how it goes.

Who, apart from geeks do you think would do it the suggested way which is write a word and then shift your fingers on the keyboard to type that same word but starting from a letter to the left, in other words
Welcome becomes Qqw;x[.w
and next month it becomes ewkvimw
I don't know if I did it right btw
I am sure 99% of the world is not geeks, half of it is women who would never ever use anything but the name of their husband/sister whateve and so we're all frankly dead easy pickings for the web crims out there. So be it. Come raid my accounts you cyberbastards, I'll find you and kill you.
Ok, rant over.


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