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Monday, April 20, 2009

20 April - Dementia & leaks

There I was reading the Sunday papers at Toph's flat, around 9pm, since had not managed to read earlier in the day, when someone pounding on the door scared me out of my seat. It was the downstairs neighbour screaming that he had cascading water in his flat and I should go close the stopcock.

That's when I remembered.... that earlier I had started to rinse a little cashemere top ... and there it was, floating in the batrhoom basin overflowing with the tap which I had left running.
After turning it off and dealing with the debacle and a hopping mad Italian neighbour talking to himself about the tragedy I'd caused whilst his every calm Japanese g/friend just got on with buckets, mopping and so on, eventually the water stopped dripping and we'll deal with the damage. Since he's not insured, it's down to me, though one could argue that it's his problem non? But, er, yeah, I'll deal with it. Though to me it looks largely like a cosmetic repair is needed but he thinks the whole ceiling has to come down. And luckily the clothes have not suffered, only the mattress/bed. We're very lucky that a) I hadn't gone out and b) they were in, though best if they had been in bed early and would have noticed it instead of eventually hearing the water coming down/in.

But no amount of going back over he situation has thrown any light on why on earth I seem to have left the bathroom with a job not completed and gone to read the papers. I can't find the link. That's very worrying. My brain/mind has lost the sequence of events. Now I'm scared of driving and all those other things where a moment of forgetfulness can have even more serious consequences...

Or maybe it's just the shock of Toph going off again and not being around to save me from harm?



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