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Friday, April 24, 2009

24 April - Jim & Jams

Ok, from time to time I think I should not write about friends' experiences because it's not fair but if there's an element of comedy in there, I'm sorry, I just have to. We all learn from other's mistakes and experiences non?

So, one - I'll make it v. short - is D. forwarding a bunch of her friends a blow by blow account of a recent date including reported speech of all the texts she exchanged with her friday date who had more or less told her he wasn't into her. I read all 2 pages of it, and kept thinking oh my god, why girl? I mean, after he told her by text and in person that he wasn't into her (nicely of course), she managed to extract from him time for a phone call to go over it again. If on the one hand you say 'I'm perfectly fine with this, it's not meant to be', then why crucify the nice guy to a phone call where you make him go over it again? Bear in mind that he so wasn't into her he at least didn't sleep with her so she has no reason to feel used in any way.
I showed said 2 pages to Toph and sort of stood over him as he read but he gave up. Refused to get to the end and put head in hands. I wish more of us women could be shown candid camera style videos of how men react to our endless churning of situations. D. probably spend ages composing texts and emails etc and a bloke like Toph, who's fairly tipycal, won't even read them.
Sad but true.

The other one is... last week we met with our friend who has the on but mostly off thing with the woman who has a boyfriend in another country and who we think only uses our friend for company when either she's alone in London and not going back to her hometown or her official man comes to visit. I mean, London can be lonely at w/ends when you're not working and have all this time to kill and if paramour insists on ferrying you to your language lessons and buying you lunch and dinner then why not.
However, and how telling is this, she proudly showed us the pajama she made him buy that afternoon. It's a nothing thingy casual that they could have got in the Gap but she made him get a Ralph Lauren one. Which is so not his brand but let's overlook the fact she made him buy something he'd object to, he only has to wear it when he's with her, in her apartment. But let's focus on this. As soon as we got into the car I said to Toph what do you make of that? And he replied 'She just doesn't want his naked body anywhere near her'. Which is what I thought to. Imagine this, the w/end before prior to the purchase of the RL pajaman, she'd insisted he wear one of hers. A fluffy pink thing she told us laughing. She says she finds not wearing pjs in bed 'dirty'. I'm like girl, it's your mattress, your bed, and you /him wash and change the sheets, what's dirty about being naked with your lover?
I'd have dumped her just for this but hey... suffer the blinded by love (him, not her)


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