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Thursday, April 16, 2009

15 April - Work & Reviews

Ah what I would have given... Friend of mine works for big cheese of industry representing bod. He's a lawyer. She doesn't like him. Too long to go into and not unconnected to the fact she's been in the industry for at least 20 years longer than him and is a woman and therefore so not obstinate and unwilling to listen to suggestions as he is.

Now as you know, unless you happen to be an artist, in most work environments one is subjected to yearly performance reviews on which things like salary levels, bonuses, promotions and so on are based. These reviews take into account the opinions of your peers, subordinates and bosses. In some companies you're allowed to view the comments which appear anonymous but you can usually play your guessing game and identify who said what about you. You can also realise how there may be diametrically opposed views of yourself out there but by and large, people try and be reasonable and helpful and it's up to you to not react like a small kid to criticism.

So, in her case, since a couple of people who had to comment on her boss were in cars at the time and used her to be connected to each other, she decided to mute her phone and carry on listening in. Oh how she loved it. Oh how much ammunition to her battle, plus the satisfaction that her opinions are shared by two external big cheeses of some repute. However, the sad thing is that right now they don't have an easy substitute for him should they decide he's not working out right and so they're giving him another year. Darn. But she just loved it and I loved listening to it since I know who/what etc. You're never safe in technoland!


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