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Thursday, May 07, 2009

7 May - Le Twits

I still don't get the appeal. Everytime I check someone I find the combination of those little character sequences etc that precede speech as in names or codes for people and their reply utterly annoying. Tk god I don't have any automatic feeds to me and will only look if I choose to look/read. If I did do it I'd be boring more people than the ones who from time to time check this blog with stupid musings that wouldn't change their lives like...

#1 All food should be served to you in styrofoam container, bad for environment but you'd get to feel in your own hands the actual weight of what you're about to eat. Take my 'healthy' (because i decline any sauce added to the wok stirred vegs) oriental veg and fish stirfry with brown rice. It weighs a ton once the container is placed in my hands. Hence, I chose to eat half of it and save the rest for tomorrow or chuck it. I kid you not, it feels like 2 pounds of food in the container, sure maybe the green beans and broccoli and pak choi are practically water when ingested but still.....

#2 I have been getting (thanks to elderly relative who gets it on prescription) that toothpaste that builds enamel on your teeth or at least doesn't erode it further. Used to buy it in Europe but expensive so thanks for free tubes. However, was helpfully told by said relative that you should spit out excess but not rinse as the active agent works in your mouth for a while after you've brushed. Despite using it for a while now, 9 times out of 10 I say 'shit' after I brush because I realise I've just rinsed my mouth. This is making me think about the force of habit that must similarly apply to a zillion things we do. I mean, how hard can it be to stop rinsing, just spit out? Get it? But weeks after I started i still do it. So for someone not to add a spoonful of salt to his chips as he's always done for last 50 years, would probably require active thinking on his/her part. Or a buddhist style 'have I checked my intentions' sort of moment before starting any thought/action.

In my toothpaste case there is an easy solution, ie. after i've inadvertently rinsed it out, I just squeeze a bit more in my mouth and that's that, but there are other cases where the baby gets thrown out with the bathwater and so on. Am thinking religious, ingrained rituals that then get ratified by some kind of cultural law into 'This is how we do it'. And you're not allowed to do it any differently. Same with sex really, all those people that would not shift a movement a fraction of an inch because they never did and so on.

See, got to sex even talking about toothpaste. I just can't help it.


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