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Monday, June 29, 2009

28 June - MJ

Weird. Friend I went to school with a long time ago and who got in touch last month after ten year hiatus, just wrote to say that when she worked next to the Chelsea Drugstore back whenever, the 4 records on rotation were Off the Wall ,The Pretenders, Regatta De Blanc and Exodus. Am sure it was a pleasure to go home and play the Psychedelic Furs.

She says she recently discovered Scream which she loves and loves the video directed by Mark Romanek who also directed Jump by David Bowie which she loves. I reply that I knew Mark Romanek back in the days, probably 8 years before he got his directors' cut of the reported $7m that Scream cost. I tell her that my favourite MJ song after the opening bars of Billy Jean is Earth Song because I just love the sound (it doesn't go anywhere but I just love it), so I go take a look at the video and just start to cry. There you have it. I loved him too. And for my record, I don't know what he did for sex (am buying the he's an alien kind of explanation) but I never wanted to believe he abused anyone.


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