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Thursday, June 18, 2009

16 June - Moby

It's too funny. A friend takes me to see Moby and by way of conversation I tell her I read an interview where the artist laments that he has these conflicting images in the press: in the UK they think he's a boring lentil eating hippy and in USA they think/write he's a hedonistic drug taking, alcohol imbibing party guy who dances on tables and which is it?
She says don't you know he's the biggest shagger and he actually pays for it and has two hotel rooms one for partying and one for sleeping?
What? I ask, turning to watch his distinctly unsexy bod/clothes on stage in this first appearance of his tour to support new album. She goes on with more including his latest girlfriend who upon being asked what does she do replied she's a creative dancer. Er... does that mean lapdancer? Again, I wonder. She says he's also a total control freak which in the days of zillions of formats/bundles and so on makes for a very busy man but then he probably lives with a laptop in his hands and is one of those in constant communication at all hours of day or night.

He's very engaging with his on stage self deprecating banter which is nice for a guy who has accidentally sold millions of records and is the sole beneficiary of all this fortune (apart from clearing samples or not as case may be), but he's totally not mr attractive which well, then makes sense if you pay for it. Though you probably pay for it also because you don't want any strings, and why not, it's simpler that way. Like the new songs... but he should not really sing. Dreadful voice and delivery. The two female singers are much better.



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