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Thursday, June 18, 2009

18 June - Sharks & Tunas

Am not happy. All these years of not eating meat and now you take away from me my staple diet of tuna and cod. What am I supposed to do? It’s not my fault, it’s the sushi and sashimi marketing worldwide that’s depleting the stocks. There are people now eating sushi in Italy just because it’s trendy but they actually don’t like it and have to make an effort. This may just be confined to Milan so maybe it’s not that particular country who’s putting the tuna in danger, though come to think of it they always ate it tartare.

I just don’t know how to give it up. Am no Linda Mccartney… can I carry on with the swordfish? There’s only so much mackerel a girl can eat, I’m not that hot on salmon and prawns just don’t taste of anything at all and sea bass is not offered in take away meals. I often eat just the veg part of a meal, I never think of steak and … but of ‘and’ and… steak (well not steak obviously). Often my lunch is the cabbage, the French beans, the zucchini, the lentils and .. nothing more, but some days a tuna steak is just divine. I hesitated for 30 seconds in front of the chef and then thought sod it, let 20 year olds stop eating tuna to save it. They may not have acquired the taste for it yet so they can give it up and eat moules instead. I can’t.



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