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Monday, July 06, 2009

1 June - Bruno & Mines

Is it me or does anybody else find the Bruno posters a bit much to stare at on the underground platform first thing in the morning? Having said that, I would find staring at a woman's gusset just as uncomfortable, in fact in these hot days, there's plenty of u/wear on show.

It sort of bugs me that people like Sarkozy will go on major battles to ban head scarves/veils etc in what is a minority of users, and nobody goes on similar battles to ban idiot women for not wearing enough clothes outside of a beach/nightclub scenario. Why am I supposed to find offensive the head to toe garb of some women and not find offensive the in my face bum cheeks of some girl going up the escalators in front of me? Must be heaven for some men to perve but well done Bruno from making said men go 'yewww' when they have to see the same level of in your face body parts shown by men. Am sure Bruno offends gay men too since, not being gay himself, for a gay man to look at his poster give back no gratifying feelings.

Back to Sarkozy... is it just men who go on these crusades about what muslim women should or should not wear? I mean, it's men/priests/religious heads (always men, I mean, when's the last time there was a woman prophet?) who make some rules and it's other men who want to undo them. If am not mistaken, it's not women representatives that propose the bans or enforcements. Why is it always some bloke who decides for us? And why are people in general so uncompromising? the whole issue would be easily resolved as follows: you wear what you want but upon request for identification purposes, you lift the veil on your face. Which am sure some women would be willing to do. Instead, since it's assumed that it has to be a yes or no scenario, then the Sarkozys go the opposite way and want to pass some law making every woman stop wearing the veil. Thus creating battle lines that will remain fixed. Same for Turkey. If the religious side there agreed that the veil can be worn on the streets/to and fro the school/place of work etc but once inside can be removed, you wouldn't have all that unrest they've been having there. Besides, it's a secular state so get with it.

Diverting thoughts as usual...

And today we’re reading about landmines because a friend is going to work on them in Angola possibly. I hate the internet. In the old days, upon being told she's going to work for the Halo Trust, I'd ask her to bring me some info next time I see her, or just take her description/explanation of what it is apart from the charity that Diana endorsed. These days, I can spend an hour on the net reading all there is about landmines. I knew some already, after all had a narrow escape ten years ago or so from going to work with heather mccartney.... but having not given the subject a thought for a while, there was much to catch up. Like this...I just like his summary of lingo.. (this is in the context of a speech/letter this man gave on how come after WWII, zillions of landmines were cleared out in a short space of time and now it takes 15 years to 20 to finish a job somewhere else that matters less like Cambodia, Somalia etc. because of the BUREAUCRACY of the modern world.

....answer is simple. It often boils down to a lack of determination to get the job done – and that means a lack of determination by some of the people who run “Mine Action”. Instead managers, whether they be UN, government and even non-government, seem content to encourage millions of dollars being spent NOT on mineclearance, but yet more endless working groups, workshops, information management systems, symposia, strategies, studies, standards, plans, policies, portfolios, principled programming, processes, procedures, quality management, mainstreaming, methodologies, measurables, monitoring, quality control, consultations, consultants, courses, conferences, capacity building – and the full range of outreaches, outputs, inputs, indicators, impacts, intervention logic, linkages, gendering, thematics, logical frameworks, normative frameworks, blockages, goals and supergoals. Oh, of course, we accept that some of these are important, but Europe was cleared with simple planning by experienced practitioners, followed by action. It was “the product, not the process” that was important. Mineclearance is not difficult – it has been described as a mix of gardening and archaeology – in fact not really much more difficult than digging up potatoes or cassava – just more dangerous and requiring strict but simple procedures.


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