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Thursday, December 31, 2009

31 December - GPs & Gyms

So, why wait till the new year for the new me. Here I am at the GP in the morning to ask her which of various suggestions from friends she may endorse vis a vis the 'I'm angry/irritable/Greta Garbo all the time' new me (or latently it's always been there, now it's more to the fore). She dismisses DHEA supplements - no evidence apparently though my friend S. gave to me and swears by it and melatonin, but approves of Isoflavones from red clover. Or rather, she says try/carry on, see what happens. Doh! I wanted more of an instant solution, these supplements things take weeks to have any effect if at all. She says it's different for different people. I better save the good stuff for when things take a turn for the worse. Right now we're only at the stage where everything feels a bit 'So what, been there done that'. You know, when somebody could tell you you're going to a fab show, fab dinner, fab hotel, fab club and you just think 'yeah but, it's just a show/meal/hotel/club' etc etc. In other words you're basically envying teenagers like mad. They talk in superlatives, are super excited, can't wait for this or that to happen or not happen and generally right now on NYE would be sorting out super mega charged with happy hormones what's going to happen as the night unfolds. Moi... I had a choice of several gathering with friends. I mean, what's great about that? Everything is a foregone conclusion unless someone slips rohypnol in my drink and I have a 'Hangover/the Movie' adventure. I mean... lots of people hated that film but I truly thought, gosh let's shake things up a bit, let's get some. Ok, ok, it would not all end up fine in the end but still.

In the meantime have had my gym induction - yeah, not been for a whole year can you believe it. The woman says my BMI is one degree under lower end of spectrum which makes me underweight! As if, I think these things are slanted in favour of fat people so they won't feel too bad when they get these results. I want to say 'woman, you've just measured my waist, admittedly not as tight as I'd have done but you just wrote down 69cm that's outrageous, used to be 65cm at the most. Clearly I have not said no to xmas food as should have done. Anyway, today here I was doing a mightly boring pilates class (I'll never get it, too slow, too... drippy) and a 15 mins core session and then the kind gym instructor who had nothing to do at all, place empty, nobody at work, gave me a fantastic side stretch to arms - they're a bit like my hamstrings, always stiff) so I was able to do a pretty satisfying bridge.

So, there you have it, mood uplifted already. Though I must say it also helps not to have any colleagues whatsoever wanting to talk rubbish at me for their 'downtime'. And there I was, about to press 'post' w/o even saying happy new year but that's what I mean, who cares about best wishes, it will be what will be surely.


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