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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

19 December - Post Hol & Grey

The time to go on holiday is approx a week after you've returned. Your body has grown into a nice shape thanks to the fact that there were no shit foods to tempt you, and a week of no alcohol leads to another week of no alcohol, because you thought that your first beer would taste amazing and it just tastes like.. a beer. And the skin feels lovely and smooth having received enough sun in the non witching hours of 8 till 11 and 3 till 6 and basically you're not ready for your close ups.

Truly I think we should all be allowed to go away for 2 weeks, come back, sort out a few admin things, change wardrobe and set off again. Oh, wait, that's what Jade Jagger probably does and she's opened a shop down the road and wnen I could easily crash an opening I just have to read about it the following day in the papers. Darn. Would be handy to be on those Pr lists that tell you who's in town and why.

Other than that, one adjusts to a totally different sky with remarkable haste, it's like you're wearing variable lenses and you just see the world sunny one minute and grey the next. No big deal. One minute someone has made up your bed and the next you're struggling with the duvet cover to change.

Toph stayed on and gone to Pattaya as no yoga retreats handy. He sends texts and emails re. blokes he's having conversations with in bars. Ha ha... like, what bars, there are no regular bars in Pattaya and these blokes surely are talking to him in between sorting out the cash to the mamasan to take the girls home. Toph tells me of this woman who has a different boyfriend booked for every month of the year. Different nationalities. Once she got married to a Brit and came to live with him in London. Only he is a baggage handler at Heathrow and lives on the other side of it in some sad suburb and would not let her go out on her own. No doubt for fear she'd come into London and see the better variety of other blokes she could go off with instead. She's now divorced him and pinning her next career break on a Uni student. What kind of a grant is he on you'd think until you work out that the Thai girlfriend experience can cost you as little as a few hundred quid per month (am extrapolating long term deal from the £40 a day max you'd pay in Phuket and considering that Pattaya is a third cheaper than that).

As ever I curse the fact that no Western woman on this planet has ever been known to want the Thai boyfriend experience. Think nearest equivalent has to be found in Caribbean but not as cheap.


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