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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

22nd December Party Dresses

Am at fashion friend's house, she's sorting out through a pile of summer clothes she doesn't want/can't fit into. As usual I end up with lots of items though mentally they're already pegged some for me, some for sister, some for mates. I see a couple of stunning evening/party dresses hanging on the back of her dressing room door. Those she says are for her firm's Xmas dinners. Those are work do's, they're not fun. She has to remain ... poised and responsible.

We stare into the distance for a wee while... trying to remember years when going out was a huge event to be planned, staged etc. I have a couple of great dresses bought for £25 at the Kidz org charity event a month prior... And absolutely nowhere to go with them. I wore the Chloe one in Thailand but frankly was overdressed for dinner in some hotel restaurant. Truly... no fun anymore this old life.


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