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Monday, February 01, 2010

3 February - The wrong biscuits

Every day a boring colleague stops by my area and bores me to tears with what she ate or didn't eat because of her allergies/speical diet and so on. She also asks every day if I want a cup of green tea - only beverage she can have - and every day I decline specifically saying I don't like green tea. SO WTF do you ask me every day - I'd like to scream but I don't. Every day she catches sight of what I eat and enquires if that' s really all I eat and yes, I confirm I can eat salad or vegetables w/o dressing and that I throw all sort of things into it, like fruit. She says she can't do it. I say I gather and I don't give a flying f. about that. Actually no, I don't say it, I just think it, I do have to work with these people. There's another one who describes what she eats and how she cooks it to her mother on the phone within my earshot but I can block that out.

Anywayhere's my tip for the day if you want to avoid getting fat and then coming to moan about it at my desk. When you're sort of hankering for some sugar/cake, buy stuff you dont' like so you won't eat it. I went out recently on a M&S trip to get some dinner. As it was 4pm I thought 'oooh, I fancy something sweet' So I bought their cheap milk teacackes £1.19 for 16 or is it 8. Ate one. Was simply awful. Gave some away. They're in a drawer and at the rate of one a week, in approx 4 small bites, they last a couple of minutes each, they won't do me any harm , 75 cal, but fill a quick gap and require no second chaser, unlike say, a Krispy Kreme which you know, you could easily eat a second one.



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