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Thursday, January 14, 2010

14th - Raffles & Old dj's

Nobody wants to go out. And further more, nobody is having as much or as varied sex as they used to have. Is it just January?

Here was an easy one. Chris Sullivan and Rusty Egan at Raffles doing probably some 80's Wag/Camden Palace set. Sounds good to me but can I find a mate who wants to go with? Can I fuck. It's Kings Rd not rotten east end but nobody or maybe someone would go but I'd have to be stuck to third tier friends I have no desire to hang with for an evening. Am going in that direction anyway to meet soon to be married friend and show her bridesmaid dress. She likes. I like her shoes, her underwear, her engagement ring, her jewellery, her furs, her house, her husband. Lucky girl. We talk about sex as you do and she says sort of less compelling now they live together.

On top and with headboard to hang on to is fine says G. who since she's been working with a personal trainer now has a flat tummy and so doesn't mind on top position. I say I have flat tummy, but tits beginning to go, she says 'Oh, spaniel's ears'. Christ not yet but god spare me. What a horrible expression. She does show me some of the exercises she religiously does for hers to stay up. The classic ones, you know, arms bent at elbow and open and shut. Must fit some in pronto.

Bat back to the fabulous furs which her father bought a few years back and had been owned by a Japanese woman. But why did her father acquire them? Did japanese woman fall on hard times? one is very distinctive, sleeves totally contrasting from body, both in colour and pelt and length of fur so I could research on pics of old g/friends of Rod Stewart, am sure I'd find this woman. But I don't have time. G. is going to alter the furs and make into short jackets and use the rest as bed throws. Oh sacrilege. The ice grey mink is so long and wide that two of me fit inside. I love it.

We then look at the book of inspiration for bridal clothing that she was given. All these pics of old weddings. G likes a lot of 60's /70's stuff, wonder why. The absolute worst one ever has to be Priscilla Presley's. Looks like a boring nightgown. Wonder what happened there.

I come out of her house and head home... I deliberately came out in boring clothes so that I wouldn't be tempted to go to Raffles on my own. Sigh.


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