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Monday, January 18, 2010

18 January - Going Out recap

I keep forgetting to record what I've seen and what I thought, which I should record since this blog is after all an online diary and will remain the only thing I can use to remind myself of stuff i did since gone are the days of keeping all the filofax pages and everything else is just recorded on some work Outlook diary which I believe gets wiped out after a while. At some point I was printing just the monthly page but then thought really, why? I'm hardly going to be Andy Wharhol and publish the diary am I? Anyway, I did find the time to go see the following and just to remember what I thought of them all:

Up in The Air - boy will that wheelie suitcase sell in vast numbers, we all saw the logo a few times, if good enough for George C. and lover, good enough for us. Great that George doesn't get the girl in this movie but then he doesn't want the girl does it... get my drift... am sure there's a loverboy in lake Como.
Nine - didn't recognise Fergie from Black Eyed Peas despite wondering several times 'Who's this new actress?' so job well done. Nicole Kidman... you'd never ever get an Italian man, director or otherwise, to fancy a shape like hers. Even with the pointy bra inbuilt in costumes, Italians wold never fall for it. They may like algids but they have to be fat algids like the Monroe lookalike in La Dolce Vita. Was Kate Hudson pregnant in some scenes and slimmed down in the dancing ones? Marion Cotillard, I love you. You're a great actress. Penelope, same part all the time. Sofia, wow, face don't move but presence in spades. Dame Judi, can you be my auntie please. Songs, again surprised this was a successful Broadway show as they seem forgettable. Daniel, always a pleasure to watch you. Went with two friends, one who had seen 8 1/2 and one who hadn't. Not sure who enjoyed most/least. Wouldn't waste more than £8 on a ticket (£7.50 at Vue)
Le Misanthrope - Toph was laughing his head off and loved the new script. Not bad. Great actors, even Keira, whose accent was pretty good. Didn't seem that poignant or relevant satire. Take it for granted that nobody has any morals when it comes to work (getting it, keeping it, not being past it/alone etc).
Mesrine - what was the fuss all about this one??? I mean, he's great in it. He never is less than great. Follows Enemy No. 1 territory. But nowadays Life on Mars did show it's not difficult to recreate 30 years ago. Was good reminder of that time in the 70's when common crims in central /south europe pretended there were politics behind their activity (Red Brigades and so on), but they didn't know the first thing about ideology.
Twilight (yes 3 years too late). Awww... was much slower paced than I expected. Enjoyed the slow build. I can't remember my 13/14/15/16/17 but remember it was all intensely felt and utterly full of meaning in every single little aspect of situations presenting themselves. Suprised managed to move through it instead of being paralysed by fear of doing anything wrong vis a vis boys. Thai pirate copy got stuck near the end (fight in mirrored ballet school) so still no idea what happens in the end (despite lying to various sets of teenage daughters of friends and pretending have read the book, as if).
Avatar - said no, why suffer. Two friends said it's an hour too long and too infantile and I'll buy it. Camille O'Sullivan - wow.. there I was resenting D. buying tix at £40 a go to go see someone I don't know. But she was mesmerising. God knows how long she's been doing this set for (saw something on youtube afterwards where it seems she was any Irish singer beforehand, co-singing with the Pogues or something) but this incarnation is to die for. Anyone who does Bowie's Rock n' roll Suicide and Five Years is my friend. Toph loved the Nick Cave songs, I love the NIN one and D. is still crying at 'Look, mummy, no hands'. I mean sobbing.
The Ledbury - lunch on a Friday. Great.
Polpo - a few times, always good. Will be default central London location.
Pizza East - nice waiters/waitresses. Good vibe. Various things good, but the pizza really not my style, odd texture. Much better food/pizza at that new one by Notting Hill tube station. Can't remember name.
There's got to be more but I can't remember... tbc


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