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Thursday, April 29, 2010

29 April - E's adventures

There was a time E's would listen to my stories and say 'Wow'. Sadly now it's the other way round. She's the one with 3 on the go lovers acquired via craigslist plust one recently put back on shelf.

And guess what, she was feeling guilty today for abandoning one lover she's been with for 4 nights (he's in London posh hotel for a week of meetings) to go to another she's been seeing for 2 or is it 3 years whenver he comes to UK also in reasonably posh hotel. This is the one whose wife found out and now unable to ban it from coming to London for work, demands to see phone records, receipts and so on. There are ways round this of course so she's deluded but E finds it a bit off putting to have to ask for separate bills at dinner. Next week she's off on holiday back to USA where old f buddy has already written can they please resume since recently he's been dumped by the latest prey he was chasing - poor J. as an aside I could tell you that at 56/57 he won't be able to retain any recently divorced woman in possession of good settlement, why would she bother?) but on return she hopes to see the actual London based one, a QC. All these men are married so forgive me for holding on to my long held cynism over fidelity and all that crap.

She only fell hard for 1 so far and it had to be the young one, the 29 year old phD 'kid'... but that's probably because he mismanaged it and said romantic things which the others know not to use I(no need to pull wool over anyone's eyes) as they know better at 45 plus of age.

Which way does her path of true love lies I wonder?


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