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Monday, May 17, 2010

15 May - Diplomacy & Incidents

Toph and I hardly ever have rows. We have short simmering awkwardness after which we each seem to decide that life is too short and we let them go. Also because we don't really change initial position taken so, what's the point?

But it's rare to have 3 converging in the same day and therefore have to cope with 3 distancing moments.

incident 1. he gives me a dress/gift which I would not have necessarily bought for myself. In fact I know I wouldn't have and when I find out how much he spent on it as I need to exchange it for another colour I am stunned and convinced he was robbed, so I try to say don't do this again, ask me, and end up saying that if I had known that was his budget I'd rather have bought something else I had my eye on and couldn't afford. The height of ungraciousness as he points out but still I insist because I no want a repeat incident next time.

incident 2. the supermarket checkout /rudeness. Toph has pulled me up on this before. He says I treat supermarket checkout people badly as I hardly make eye contact and when asked if I have a points card I reply no in an uncourteous manner (I hate being asked, of course I know they have to). Seems have done it again. He says he can't believe it as am not a rude person. Well, I am actually, he's never seen me seething on crowded trains for example. But you know, I do some good here and there and the happiness of supermarket checkout people is frankly not my concern. At least I don't talk on the phone as they scan my foods. See what I mean? I no change my position.

incident 3. the balls burning skin off. For some reason, having gotten over 1 & 2, he lets himself be persuaded that I really want to encounter no hair on his balls for a change (he's getting old and hair is getting white/wiry for him too). So I get out the hair removal cream and don't acknowledge that he's read the warning not to use on soft parts and coat his balls and his nipples with it too. Of course I should have used the gentle version. So 20 mins after removal, he's slightly bleeding and his balls and tits ache like hell. I am of course horrified at what I've done, envisaging weeks of discomfort and his hatred. I offer painkillers and go white at the sight of flaming red skin. god help me.

Eventually I am forgiven for all 3 above, so truly here goes a bit of tribute to the good boyfriend who recognises that no.3 comes under the usually risk free 'you take good care of me' get out of jail card. I have no heart to tell him how after the skin recovers, the itching will start. Truly should have waxed them but he'll never let me. For the time being I keep telling him how gorgeous his cock looks without the bush on the bollocks.


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