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Friday, May 14, 2010

10 May - Wills & Spills

As a practical person it stands to reason that I should try to have all my affairs in order as much as possible. So am making a Will. The time has come to stop believing one is above the business of death. Some friends are taking a leaf out of my book, some find the mention distasteful.

Anyway, this is to report how tortuous the mental process to divide assets before finalising a Will can be. Even when said assets are frankly small potato.

I can see why it's easier to leave it all to 1 person/charity and be done with it. Or forget all about it and let whoever is still standing get the headaches of sorting it out. But I will plow on. Amazing what glaring omissions one can make and only realise when she's left the draft well alone for a couple of weeks. In that sense, just as well I botched my first appointment at the solicitors or would cost a cool £350 plus vat any time you wish to change/re-draft.


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