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Friday, May 07, 2010

7 May - Short weeks & short answers

Amazing how it only takes a short week to shorten your fuse at work. Somehow you have much less patience when dealing with what I call stupid requests by idiots. Taken on their own they are legitimate questions but they should not be asked /wasting my time of a person who should by now have demonstrated amply that she is more than capable and ahead of the curve. I understand that it is in a certain type of person/psyche to doublecheck arrangments but why spend all that extra worry? In my book you start doublechecking after things have gone repeatedly wrong, not before. Sure you say but no, you have to double check all the time and I'd say no, you don't have to, since the law of anything states that things will also go wrong after you've double checked and treblechecked as that's just part of the shit happens universal scenario. I could spend hours here thinking of many examples but one would be, you can check many times that all works in the car you're about to drive off through the savannah, but chances are that the accident that happens is not due to the car technical spec but to the zebra come out of nowhere and colliding with it.

Similarly we all do our jobs and have our mental checklists so for example if you're going to Tokyo I will know to check if you need a visa or not. So you can ask me once and I'd reply no you don't need one (I checked). Therefore don't ask me again. And if you're really worried that somehow my information and the visa office info is not correct, then look it up yourself on the net rather than ask me again as it's bound to irritate me enormously. Especially on a day when am dealing with 20 similarly IDIOTIC instances of doublechecking. And it happens to be a day where I have a whole in my mouth where one of my molars was yesterday.


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