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Thursday, May 27, 2010

31 May - Goodbye London, Hello Brazil

I go to a leaving do for top London PR gal who, together with partner, is off to live by beach near Bahia. Top plan. She's already doing PR for some resorts there and she will also build one. Me and PR woman are not friends but have mutual ones.
It's at Momo's where I have not set foot for years.

For a change, it's full of people pushing my age or older and am sure some of them are top fashion professionals only I have nothing to do with fashion. I chat briefly with some people I know from the music side but JR tells me to cheer up at least twice. Think am down because I haven't worked out yet my plan of exit and this woman has.

The evening is only notable because of a reaction that I didn't know I could have. Having spotted one good looking tall mixed race man, I ask JR who he is because had seen him also talking to him. JR says the name, I ask what does he do, answer 'he's a hairdresser'. Me 'Oh god no, not interested'.

Since when do I think I'm better than a hairdresser? But I know what I meant, it was more like that world (bordering on fashion/music/ads/vids etc) has nothing to tempt me and so wouldn't know what to say to a member of that tribe. But still weird reaction as would have come out with it to his face had I been talking to him.


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