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Friday, August 20, 2010

20 August - Holidays are for ....

Last night L. was saying how in ayurveda, summer is for holidays, you should not work, you should enjoy life, recuperate some energy to store up for winter when we work/don't go out as much. I had to ask if ayurveda was a system for the rich or a system for people who are governed by monsoons and the like so that really in summer they don't work simply because of rains or impractical conditions and not just you know for idleness' sake. Bonkers.

Then I rang a friend in Italy who was on holiday at her flat by the seaside but of course all her summers since eldest daughter started going to school (she's 18 now), have been blighted by the fact that said daughter is a dunce and so all holidays have been subjugated to 'A. has to revise for 1, 2, 3 subjects on which she did not achieve a pass'. That's on top of sorry autumns/spring/winters where every day is /was a battle with school work and results. Honest.. she's had years of this. So A. has exams to catch up next week. I wish her luck but would probably be best to repeat the year, she doesn't seem to find that so shameful.

I refrained from highlighting to her mother the pictures of various mildly wild bbqs by the pool with a large bunch of friends which her daughter has posted on FB and which don't seem to tally with any restrictions applied in the 'You have to study, or....' regime. I suspect there is no such regime, there never was, just a gigantic co-dependency parents/daughter (one is bad cop/dad, one is good cop/mum). The other daughter is also set back this year, in Latin, but she's got more of a brain (and pride) and should rise to the challenge. They excitedly tell me that mum is taking them to the Maldives at Xmas. It's mum's 50th so it's her gift to herself. And another proof that she's always undermining the tough 'You've got to study' stance she tries to project. I could say something about middle class parents, or rich parents where it's a given that the kids don't have to try so hard because a job for them will always be found through contacts, but I won't... or I just did....


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    A long shot, and apologies if you are a different legal LT. Do you still have views on the Law of Restitution circa LSE Law School 1991 - 2?

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