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Thursday, December 23, 2010

28 December - Tower Bridge & Date

Friend was working at operations centre of a Christmas charity and another volunteer asked her out. She was a bit shocked but said yes. The guy is possibly a professional volunteer ie one that gets paid some salary as he seemed to go round the world doing this here and there and also was working longer hours. She didn't fancy him but nobody asks you out anymore so why not.
He asked her to meet him on the crack of Tower Bridge at 6pm. She was there a bit earlier and had to keep moving as tourists were taking pictures, thus giving him the line 'You're not on the crack!' when he arrived. They moved to it, she said let's go for a drink and he said have one here. Pulling out of rucksack a bottle, some plastic glasses, two of which swiftly blew into the river, and one of those candles in glass holder to fight the wind. He also had an ipod and speakers. The wine was drank and then they moved to a pizza express where they left at 12ish with my friend thinking it was 10pm ie time flew. She still didn't fancy but warmed to him for his inventivness.

Am actually writing this in mid January to post and so it is that I know that he's not got in touch since. Men... he was due to leave the country in a few days so perhaps he thought not worth pursuing or maybe because she didn't go home for coffee with him or whatever. Who knows. She is not that cut up about it as these things, well they happen. I think it's a great sign of progress that one day you're old enough no longer to think 'oh my god he didn't ring, has he been runover by a bus?' My friend cherishes her copy of 'He's just not that into you'. Great book. Solves all the mysteries.
Maybe he always has dates on the crack of TB. Who knows...


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