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Friday, November 19, 2010

18 November - RCA & much choice

I think I tried this a few years back but had wiped the memory? Which is why I spent a few hours looking through 6000 pictures of the RCA Secret collection, identified the ones I'd like to buy (too many but am assuming by the time I go in most of my selection will have gone to others) and printed a sheet with the favourites and gone to stand outside the RCA at 10.30am on the day. Fat chance. There's a queue sneaking round various buildings and evident detritus from people who must have queued here the night (discarded duvets). Which means that probably only 1 out of my 30 selections remains. And we don't know which one. So a mere 30 minutes see me despatched from this queue and reading saturday magazines at the Wholefoods down the road.

Must remember never to come to this again. When reading about it, must think 'Would eventual little postcard of drawing /painting etc make me happy?'. Answer is no, postcard size is far too small to hang anywhere and granted there are smaller things like miniatures, cameos etc or small canalettos but.. not for me thanks.

I would like the RCA to actually publish a picture of people holding the card they got. that would be fun. Or put up a webcam inside so I can actually see what goes on. That's all I ask for. Keep your cards, even the ones which were easy to attribute and may be valuable, are not that amazing after all. Mr Grayson Perry, Ms Yoko Ono, I mean you for example. Would that stuff get you accepted on a foundation course even?


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