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Or.. 'f.ck me I'm forty.. two.. and a half', though can look 38 on a - not so deluded - good day. Or 'How to reconcile a well experienced mind trapped in a still - but for how long? – youthful body.' Don't have the 30somethings angst/problems, neither have the resigned (?) ageing baby-boomers in safe family territory outlook yet. Here's how I cope, one day all sexy women will get old... but never invisible. © Lisa Taylor 2005/6/7/8/9. Jeez.. so much for the 42 and-a-half delusion

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

5 January - Gloom & Doom

Yep, it's here. There's a reason why I try not to be in London in early Jan usually, it's because coming back mid Jan avoids some of this... gloom.
Notwithsdtanding N's invite to join her in Chennai end of Jan (I can't), the skiing in March at L&A, India in april /may, Italy in jJune with M/H and I., late Summer in Puglia or some such, am not thinking it's enough. It really isn't. Need more.

Even reading that Mick Larn died at 52 and with not much money. and Gerry Rafferty died with cash galore in comparison, doesn't put anything into perspective. I want more.

I remember back in the days some of my early friendships beign crazy Japan fans and being their driver as they stalked Mick or Steve Jansen in their flats in Bassett rd. though I remember meeting Mick in a flat in Gloucester rd? Any other memories are gone. Apart from the memory of how amazingly different their sound seemed in those early shows at that venue in Victoria. What was it called? Ah, the Venue in fact. I write the news to another mate from back school days and she says she has bought Gentlemen Take Polaroids about 3 times in all these years having worn it out on vinyl. 1980 seems like the moon to me now.


  • At 11:20 AM, Anonymous Terry Brindley said…

    Yeah, well as you said all these sexy young girls and women will get old one day. I am oldish, from the swinging sixties, altho they did not start swinging for me until the seventies, for about 6 years, until everything started going downhill. Still want the young sexy girls , but that is just a dream now.
    All those sexy girls I once knew are now in their fifties, at least!

    Switzerland (originally from London)


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