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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

14 January - Downsizing & Downmarket

I seem to have survived the longest day of the knives at my workplace. It's all very well buying ailing companies but when one wants to carve yet more cash out, the first thing to do is cut some workforce in the lead up to the end of financial year. Personally I think if most people forsook their bonuses, dozens of people would not need to lose their jobs but hey, what do I know, I don't run a company so.

I sort of knew I'd be ok but the atmosphere was awful and though I am not a close friend of the now swiftly departed ex colleagues, it gets to you to see their disappointment and life in disarray. Especially the family ones. The not tied down by responsibilities, like moi, were probably thinking to do what my friend D. has done upon exiting Goldman Sachs (he's not a banker so not got away with a sack of cash but enough) and get thee to Goa straight away. My personal choice was/is Thailand and as my Murdoch victim friend D. will be there soon for a few weeks, it would have been great to finally see if my idea that a holiday followed by another holiday is the best thing that could happen, was indeed a good one. In the end having avoided the axe, I've also decided again the voluntary redundancy package and staid put. The legacy of being brought up 'sensible' which I hate my parents for. Staying put also means moving to the much hated site of Canary Wharf. I shall be moaning about that plenty in the coming weeks. I loathe the place. Make me an offer anyone, if it's in the West End and it's 9-5, am there.

However, the stress of yesterday made me fall asleep at 8pm with a backache I never usually get... This didn't stop Toph from 'administering' some not so relaxing sex. The amount of times I say things like 'You do what you want but I shall be pretty unrersponsive' and then er.. get involved. So am extra stupid at work today, and probably on this blog as well, as am busy populating 'drafts' for previous few weeks and not really getting to the point of what I want to say.



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