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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

18 January - 'sleb w/end sightings

Yes I get around, but I was only going to see the Neil La Bute play (awful title) at the Almeida on Friday mainly because Steven MacIntosh is in it. And yes, I do remember J. who's worked with him saying he's happily married, 3 kids and so on.

At the bar is Keira K and boyfriend and some people wonder if she has a wig as her hair seems very thick. I don't know. I don't care because Iain Glenn has walked in wiht a woman friend too and he's much more interesting to me than KK. He's well Gorgeous!!!!

I could write more but you can read the reviews of the play elsewhere.

Then Martin McCutcheon was entering Beach Blanket Babylon as we exited to go eat cheap Thai up the road after finding the atmoshere of collective bankers on a night out pre-Maddox or other clubs where they hope to snag a model (though the model is out looking for beyond banker ie prince and they never get this basic misalignment of wishes) too oppressive. Toph was not well and on oj's and so was blathering on about 'Who are these people? why can they still drink £12 cocktails after fucking up the economy'. Which is not really a well thought out accusation, he's smarter than that usually.

Then on Sunday as I was gathering info on wardrobes at Conran, who should be sitting on a sofa but Alan Rickman (we're not worthy) last seen on my inbound plane into Heathrow in a sweet movie about Californian wines in 1976, 'Bottle Shock'.

In between I actually spent time chatting to people I know as opposed to people I spotted here and there.



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