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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

16 January - Shoes... again

After wriggling toes free in the sand and turf and prancing about in heels at night, it's with some frustration at self that I notice upon returning to work that I reach for the boring boots, the even more boring boots and some other regular shoes that are comfortable.
This is not on. This spells descent into not caring (the bad hair is enough, must go sort out). So drastic measures are required. I cannot throw shoes away, obviosuly, but I can make a cull and consign the offendig ie. easy ones, to a box in the storage tunnel, or to be sure in the actual storage miles away from the abode. This way I can only use them when I'm really old (assuming I have no money then or not enough money to salvage old person's shoes from charity shops). But better still if I move to Mexico or Mumbai, then I don't need any of them at all. One thing I am very envious of is the reduced wardrobes of my friends in Yucatan. Sure they need heavy stuff for when they go to Canada, China, London and so on (regularly enough), but they stick to one puffa jacket and a few sweaters and some bad weather shoes, the rest of their wardrobe is sparse as does not need to contain all the never ending winter and rain stuff we have. Additionally they're not very camp gay men so they really get by with t-shirts, shorts and some trainers and man bags. Am very jealous.

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