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Monday, May 18, 2009

18 May - There will be blood

It's a source of occasional sadness to me that I don't seem to watch that many movies anymore or I should say, fewer than I ever did. Then again, when something is on TV, or I look at friends DVD shelves, I seem to have seen it or partially seen the movies on offer or they fall in the category of 'I would never bother to watch this one'.
I work on some sort of 'If it's good, I will eventually see it somewhere' path, though I seem to not have seen any Almodovar films in the last six years or, or, or. It's partly to do with spontaneity being blunted by the need to book something which if you just turn up is sold out and/or getting my times wrong or the wrong cinema, or thinking that I don't fancy dropping £12 right now or D. (my movie guru in the sense that her opinion usually matches mine about books and movies) telling me not to bother (she goes and watches tons).

So it's kind of nice that getting out of your house to go look after friend's pooch means you relax in her house where there are none of my usual distractions, and manage to watch a very slow 3 hour movie like There Will Be Blood. Which said friend bought on DVD because she had walked out of it at the cinema. I can see why. It's totally exasperating and unsatisfying in creating anything in the viewer, but some kind of car crash hypnotic thingy where you carry on watching sort of mesmerised whilst at the same time wanting to get up to go to bed because you can tell already that there is no pay off (for you or the characters) at the end. It must have looked great on a large screen though. Not so sure about the music which at the time was deemed amazing (Radiohead guy wrote it) . And I guess it must be one of those movies that polarise people. Me, I liked it. Just kept wondering how you manage to get something like that made... just getting DDLewis alone in it is no guarantee you'll get the finance. Weird.


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