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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

9 May - Island 50

The other day a friend told me about the impending celebrations/marking of 50 years of one of the best record labels, ever, Island Records. I sort of did a double take since I remember going to the party for the 25th anniversary which was held on the grounds of Chris Blackwell's house somewhere an hour further West from Heathrow. I remember dodgems and a funfair. Back then it wasn't included in every single party so novelty enough. I must have left at usual decent time however becasue subsequent stories of spiked punch and people reminiscing about out of their heads great times leave me with a blank. I must have retired too soon as usual. I had a good time anyway but can't really plug into it. If this blog had been around then, I'd just shift back a few thousand entries and find the relevant one. Maybe there's mention in some old diary.

I do however go on the milestone website and since am at work so better attempt to be discreet from time to time, I'm listening but not watching the vids. I easily recognise what I don't like, never did and can't give a toss about though have never gone out of my way to listen to them, they're well known and so my brain does somehow know it's Keane. Yep, I open the screen and there they are.

More shockingly worryingly (you know by now my recent obsession with registering my own mind's memory failings) is that I don't recognise Portishead's rather distinctive, one woudl say, sound and have to switch to the screen to actually watch to see the name under the youtube clip/Beth. Clearly I know it's Tricky when his tune comes on but by the time I get to the Fratellis, am back to the Keane feeling, 'don't like this' but I don't know it's them.

This website sets me off trying to remember band members names or people who worked there but the black holes are multiple. Then of course the whole thing links on to corollary and external other people /personal events of 25 years ago and so on. At least in 25 years if the whole internet thing hasn't been blown off the sky, I will be able to re-read these current entries but it will be most likely totally boring because I won't be able to tell I'm reading about myself and w/o that link, this will be like finding a copy of Gas Power Magazine and glazing over?



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