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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

26 November - A Serious Man

Funny what you take away from movies you see. This new Cohen brothers one is rich in authentic detail and of course did make me laugh or feel smug in instant recognition of Jefferson Airplane songs or Santana's Abraxas (no, am not that old, it's just tha that at 13 I was hanging with much older boys who liked their hippy music and dreamt of living in California.)

Primarily the movie made me angry. Did I mention I'm angry all the time, yes? It made me angry at religion because following the rituals of the family in the movie, which are jewish, made me think of the catholic ones I grew up with which were equally bonkers and useless. The actual traditions is what i'm talking about. Learning hebrew to recite some bonkers ritual at a barmitzvah not being dissimilar to learning stuff i've thankfully forgotten in order to take your first holy communion or confirmation. who comes up with this shit and why do people fall in line and impose it on their kids? Clearly up until the 60s and 70's it was super hard to not follow what your parents wanted you to follow and god knows in some religions even now you can'ou t avoid being beaten up if you don't conform but why does anyone really abide by the stupid and complicated rituals, to prove what? And it happens pretty much everywhere , whether you have to walk 20 times round a giant stupa anti clockwise or have to genuflect at such and such a point in the service you're attending and so on. I feel like a rebellious teenager but i really have a major downer on rituals. Believe and say some prayers, fair enought but having to wear this robe or that sack on your head is just mad.

The one totally funny thing is that when the serious man of the title goes to see the rabbis he gets the same sort of 'answers' that he'd get if he went to a priest, or a guru or to a counsellor which of course is your lay 20th century subsitute. Any problem you care to bring does not have a solution. If you're able to let it stew a bit , it will sort of resolve itself one way or another and not necessarily because of your intervention and ... in time you'll LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT. And it may just seem less burdersome. That was definitely worth exposing by seeing our 'hero' receive no help whatsoever. At least the rabbis didn't charge for their time. Oh and the movie ends with a phone call from his doctor who wants him to go see him to discuss the results of his xrays which can only be you know, you're going to die. ha ha ha. yeah, funny, as I told you.


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