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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

29 September - Surgery & not cosmetic

Am off tomorrow for a while for surgery and post surgery, nothing life threatening, nothing cosmetic but has to be done - bunions of course , can you believe my punishment, when i get better I may have to wear horrid ugg style boots or the like since it takes a full 6 months to really get back to proper shoes and not feel pain/swollen extremities. But contrary to popular opinion not due to high heels wearing but .. genetic. Mother and grandmother never had high heels though mother in fifties must have worn pointy tight shoes and know a 23 year old who needs them done and she's one of those 5'11" girls who never wear heels so as not to tower over midget men which abound. So either this lackadaisical current approach to blog will continue or given the enforced rest I'll go back and fill all the gaps including last week's 30th anniversary of V&A and all that, the recent attendance to an 80th b'day, last Sunday on the shore roof with only Sanjay from Eastenders as famous person spotted (and why did his name came to me so quicly when in fact on arrival at guest list of showcase for new band managed by old Bros's manager (his name? gone? but he's very fat and his boyfreind is called Brad. I have never met Brad but i remember his name instead of the actual guy I met) I said to the receptionist I was the plus one of A. and she asked me for A's surname and I had one of the usual blanks.. for so many minutes that she was eventually able to find the surname on her list for me. And I know A. very well.

And various other bits and bobs of life which are all memory loss related these days. Like L. sending her boyfriend over to collect my spare keys so she can come make me cups of tea when i'll be laid off and I gave said boyfriend back the saw I'd previously borrowed, chatted about this and that to him but totally never remembered to give him the keys he'd come over to get. His excuse for not asking for them was that he was mildly drunk from the pub. Other instance was Toph's phone ringing with his bro in law's name on display and he saying 'wonder why he's calling me' and me realising just there and then that I had never posted a week earlier some docs that Toph had asked me to scan/email to bro in law and then post. I agreed, (I had to witness them so I knew it was important to send them) stuffed them in my bag on way to work and then promptly never got a reminder sent by my own brain that I was meant to do anything else. Result, potential holding back of a deal going through blah blah blah.

Anyway, gotta go as too much to tie up before impending non communication. See ya. Oh and if I don't wake up, er.. well, shit happens. I had fun anyway.


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