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Friday, October 09, 2009

9 October = not bored but boring

Well, I did wake up from the anaesthetic which was my main worry and I have no pain so couldn't have gone better. In fact because am not in pain I have already sort of overdone it by walking around too much. Back to bed it is then.

Toph elated as thought he'd have to deal wiht a misereable girlfriend writhing in pain and generally being a pain TV of Shakira doing her she wolf thing, thinks darn why am I not twenty something and able to belly dance and hang upside down from a cage? and in reaction to said frustration, grab the boy and practice a different kind of writhing.

Only a few pages of the Bolano book read, that's the convalescence mission, all 900 of '2666' of them as it' s amazing but not engaging on ploot or characters, it's major showmanship of bizarre introspection of various too well educated people but hardly a page turner, so... back to reading the sunday papers from cover to cover and the freebies and all the rest. Turns out I have finally discovered why Toph is done with the papers so fast and wants to bin them whilst I hang on to them forever, well, he skims them! I keep saying things like, did you read this bit where so and so says blah. and he says no. because he only skimmed the article. ah well. am going to dispense with capital letters btw on these next few posts as have to use a laptop that has some buttons placed in annoying places so that every time i press the shift key i seem to instead hit the one that moves your cursor a page up and it's driving me nuts.

It's nice to have friends calling and visiting but i feel like a broken boring record talking them through my post surgery and it's not that interesting unless you get your own same problem. and the drugs were not that good in the sense that i wasn't out for long enough to come in and out of morphine induced semi consciousness so i had no benefit from that...

on the other hand my friend L was in ny with a famous writer and they went for dinner with jude law after his hamlet. but no gossip there, they probably only talked of ... art.

God this blog is going downhill fast, i have hit the nothing to say phase of my life. oh but
i've been offered a job i think, going to work for some foreign billionaires. that will yeld a few stories i hope except that they made their money on pipes. yes, sadly it's not mr diageo or mr louis vuitton moet hennessy. but i'll find out more soon.


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