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Friday, September 18, 2009

18 September - Teeth & Bob Marley

Amazing in what level of bad mood an infected gum can have you spin. Or rather, day 5 of one which you had lanced and thought what with the antibiotics (word came to mind immediately this time) and some painkiller, it should have been well defated. But no. Still we bravely go to support friends and their book launches and so I find myself at a Bob Marley biography launch where every old journalist or PR guy I knew 30 years ago has made the trip, and suddently or not so suddenly even the ones I may have fancied back in the days don't look so hot at all. Plus they're all sort of poor. Including producers who worked with major bands. If those bands don't keep selling and your royalties don't come in or nobody else approaches you because you're yesterday's news or you can't really spend days and nights in a studio anymore since you have family etc, you turn to.... music for films/ads etc. They all say that. And some have to wait tillt hey spot a friend to have a drink bought for them. It's at time like these that I don't mind having had a steady job that pays all of my bills and drinks too.
Still, my friend JH was very happy to spot dave swindells in the crowd as he used to be for years mr club review for TO and god knows what he does now, I didn't stay around to ask. If he still goes to clubs I wouldn't know what they are.

Evening was notable because I found myself around a table where everyone had had a much shittier year than mine. One divorcing and having to endure ex husband about to become new father with new squeeze, one whose ex husband (much loved at the time when we were young and working together) had died the previous month two days after an operation to his pancreas. He was awake the following day and she saw him but by the time she went back the next day with their 19 year old son, he'd suffered a heart attack and died. This was an absolutely stunning (at 25 at least) man who was well below 50. Then there was the widow of a much loved though super cranky top publicist who died a few months ago of cancer and then they told me about an ex colleague who died two weeks ago of a brain hemorrage and she also was younger than me. I didn't know whether I should burst into tears there and then since it was all very doom and gloom. Then tk god C. arrived ( not seen her in 15 years but clapped eyes on her a month or so ago at another do) with her toyboy in tow. Ten years younger, relationship been going for 4 weesk and were super kissy kissy. So there's hope but truly... had to forget about the bad tooth.
I know am rambling on this post but be patient.


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