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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

27 November - Thailand

Though am angry all the time, and have paid not enough attention to Toph filling me in with all his research of where we'll stay in Thailand and what we'll do when there... am of course looking forward to it. I know my boy prioritises rooms with the most fantasy indulging bathrooms, he has a thing for them, since some have the forethought of including some bench style seating arrangement that comes in handy for shower sex. And also for what food is on offer.

I'm sort of more go with the flow and feel no compulsion to look into this hotel vs that hotel, so long as my first night is sorted and then I can go explore, but he doesn't like having to move around too much which is fair enough. On this occasion we don't have enough time.

However, am angry - the theme du month - because I am obliged to make do with 13 days in all as this is all I can take right now, ahem well, it is all I have left since am a workplace rat. And then it will be xmas which never seems to have much of an effect on me. I don't really care for it... When I read those magazine features that start appearing right now everywhere, with celebs talking about how they look forward to hanging the tinsel and slow cooking red cabbage I think they've got to be joking and must be borrowing their quotes from one another, switching every year for fear of appearing unlikable to their audience by declaring a non-interest. Are celebrities ever allowed to say 'No comment/I don't have a recipe/I don't buy gifts?' Or do their PR just invent the answers after all is not like Mariah Carey reads the Radio Times and knows she said she gives everybody a perfume from her line or some such idiocy?


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