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Thursday, December 31, 2009

31 December - Thai babies

G's Thai g/friend' pregnant. Must have got so as soon as he had her shipped over in September since baby due in June. Feel super sad for official girlfriend who only heard of Thai one about a year ago but didn't do the sensible thing of cutting off all ties and entered in some kind of battle over the man. She still didn't quit when he brought this one to live in his house (never allowed official g/friend to live with him). This time she loses. Apparently he's pretty made up that his sperm has generated a baby, though me and the ex wife can't begin to imagine how he'll look after a baby. Then again he may not have to. I fully expect Thai g/friend to flee back to Thailand in the first few months after she's sprogged it. And he, father, will be quite happy to go visit once/twice a year as he's been doing for the past 7 or so. Oh and just send money.

I asked ex wife how he had met Thai girl. She said she's an optician and he met her when he went to buy new glasses. I thought for a second oh, that then doesn't allow me to feel it's such a cliche' as he did not meet her in a bar. Then 30 seconds later I though, no, we only have his story that she's an optician. As if. This woman has been in London, in a suburb to boot (I mean nothing outside front door apart from the Coop) for 5 months and all she does is sit at home watch thai films on computer. He never takes her out/with. For some reason am convinced that if you worked in an optician you may have had a bit more oomph about you and wish to explore, get to know, learn English or other. Whereas if you worked in a bar, you're just super happy not to have to say inane shit to tourists and just chill indoors. It's not even as if he's fucking her much. (have it only on his saying so to ex wife but they're good mates) so as I said, she's just found a meal ticket and a rest home.


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