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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

1 January - Charades & Tubes

Was persuaded to cross town to have NYE dinner at friends in Shoreditch. This gave us rare opportunity to observe the young ones on the u/ground on such a peculiar night as we're hardly ever here this time of the year). What a pretty downmarket bunch, all of them, where were the peacocks of my youth? Honestly in my carriage I was the oldest for sure but not the ugliest by a mile. What is the point of being 20 to 30 and looking so bad?

Got to my friend and it was lovely though having a 12 year old in our midst we had to keep it clean. This means that by 12.30 I was falling asleep. No dancing, no TV so charades it was. I figured out that one way not to act one out is not to guess one so you never have to go up. You use the time to furiously work out at least one title, and then that eliminates the suspicion you're not into this game. I'm not a natural at these... I did Pirates of the Caribbean and I could have just pretended to look through a long spyglass but instead attempted some fencing, so it took them all a long while. For caribbean I started with driving a car. I hadn't fully worked out how to do the bean. Sigh.

We received a visit from Johnny something who dresses in exclusively 1940's clothes and lives between the 30's and 50's according to his 13 year old daughter who was left with us whilst dad went off to do a dj set nearby. When we left at 3pm they watched Cloverfield on a large film screen. The tube back was equally devoid of anyone of interest. Again I was the oldest person on the train bar one.

Still, bliss to sleep till 1am next day and not go anywhere.


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