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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

2 January - Recycle & Remodel

As you tidy up and everyone gets into it at the start of a new year, you find things falling out of cupboards like unwrapped gifts (I mean the gift wrappig is off but the actual item is still in cellophane) that were bought for you by lovely boyf when he returned from this or that trip and ... well, shocking to have a YSL highlighter cum mascara combo or the trio of Clarins products etc which he gave me 2 /3 years ago and haven't got round to using as still have other stuff on the go.

So, here you go, my new idea to stem the tide of constant purchasing of things we don't have enough need for as still using previous stuff/clothes etc.

How about re-wrapping and re-giving on another occasion, next valentine, next b'day, next xmas. You could do this at infinitum since when asked for example by relative what I wanted it took some time to work out I needed some Fitflops (I don't really, but had to come up with something).Now I have them and god knows when will use. I should have just given her one of my old hats/scarves/gloves/dresses and said just wrap this one up and give it to me. Have no worn in ages, will seem new and I'll be happy. And so on....But people just think you're mean when you say these things...


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