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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

3 January - Detox & Sausage sandwiches

L. has sent detox package offer on 2nd Jan to all and sundry on FB and boyf reveals she was doing so from comfort of bed and sausage sandwich in mouth. We're in the car going to a seaside town and L. is now sending the detox package offer to all her phone book. No sausage sandwiches but we can't wait for fish and chips. She says she wants to eat everything, as indeed she's done over xmas because tomorrow she'll start a month's long detox and lose it all. I personally think that it seems so hard to stick to porridge for a whole month (or some such) and I prefer not doing the intake of bad stuff in the first place.

We're going to visit H. who has a house on the beach and is so utterly fab. She has a bit of lolly you know but she's just such a natural bohemian and has been in the house since after Xmas with our othe super bohemian friend T. who has no money. At some point he goes to the ATM and the machine doesn't spit out his £10. I don't think I know anyone who goes to get a tenner at a time out of the hole in the wall. I buy lunch.
H. is friends with the wife of shane mcgowan and she knows he gets 1m each ear for fairytale of NY. God, and that's just his half. It's in some recent newspaper article that he wakes up at 1pm drinks a bottle or two of wine for breakfast and loses entires days to the drink. He has however fixed his teeth. There's no sex. But why does she stay with him? It all gets revealed when we learn that she gets 30k in cash when she goes off on a trip. Ok so maybe not 30k but you get the drift. Who wouldn't go on yoga holidays and do a small amount of companionship in between? Am sure he's entertaining when awake.

I ask T. about his friend M. how is he and so on and he says that M. bought a £20 bag of heroin for NYE and stayed in. I ask if he's having me on and he says no, god's honest truth. I find myself saying that if the heroin was good/clean etc, that sounds like a great way of spending NYE. Must ask him round next year. At least trust he'd know what to do. Am sure we're talking smoking it which never sounds so bad to me.

Anyway, that was yesterday. This morning went for a walk with a friend who said (like I think she sayd for the past ten years at least on this part of the year) that she wants to give up smoking/drinking and the rest. She's going to do dr Joshi's detox but w/o the expensive herbs (think she had bought them previously and then only half used). I give my support. Whoever said am not a good friend, one that never points out 'have heard it all before'. Coincidentally read an article where a man was describing his losing weight and said that when men decide to, they just do it, stick to it etc. Women insted, multi-task as they do for everthing and so dip in and out of various diets at same time which of course includes eating a burger here and a packet of crisps there and a bar of chocolate there whilst doing the diet. Their detox is the same. What's a glass of wine to reward yourself after day 2 of detox? But still, I listen. Smugly yes, of course. I never detox because I don't tox in the first place. That seems the easiest way to me.


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