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Monday, June 14, 2010

11 June - The WC

It's here and I love it! Yes, am totally one of those people who only follow the beautiful game when it's world cup time and during the year don't know a drogba from an anelka. And I find myself getting moved by opening ceremonies. Am sure men don't think what I'm thinking as a woman. I already feel sorry for the losers, for all those who will have tried their hardest but been eliminated, for all the mistakes that the ref and his linesmen will make thus killing a team's chances, I want all the underdogs to win, come on Japan, come on Ivory Coast.

Then I remember some of the previous ones, like the 2002 one I had something to do with (worked in the field, sold all my allowance of tix to a tout and pocketed a nice amount) and of course 2006 with Toph fresh into our first holiday together in rainy magic Zanzibar, and I remember back to others for other reasons. Weird how I'll never care for Wimbledon or rugby or other sports. Go figure.


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