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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

21 June - Revamp

here's a few things I need to change.

I need to ditch all the bras that offer no support. Those days are so gone. I've loved them all, I've filled them all, but no longer.

Not sure if that's more or less upsetting than realising that time and again I reach for flat shoes from the monster shoe cupboard. Sure, I take higher heels if going out and change into, as briefly as possible, but if going to work, sadly arrive with flats thinking will change into higher and then the day goes on with me thinking what the fx do I care? And catching sight of idiots tottering on theirs makes me grimace. Like an old woman begrudging her younger self what she was able to do, though I'd like to think I never tottered. If I couldn't walk properly in them, I didn't buy them. Now of course shoes are monstrously high thanks to the platforms at the front but you still have to pay attention to your proportions or you look odd.

But tall odd is better than short odd, but as I said, comfort, that horrid word, comes first. Let's see if come this winter I go out and buy pajamas. If that happens we'll know it's over. Forgot that I also seem to carry make up in abundance and day in/day out sort of don't find the time to get me to a bathroom and apply. Ok, lipstick goes on but only in the morning and then ... forgot again.

it all goes.

if you thin these thoughts are mad, i read that Trinny (as in the only Trinny you've ever heard of) had an attempted year of not buying clothes and in order to do so, she photographed all the ones she already owns and created mood boards to see how she could re jazz, revamp etc what she had. I presume she has a lot of wall space in notting hill and a lot of time now she's divorced and bored with what's out there in terms of men and so staying in? Or maybe it's her job anyway to think of these things?


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