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Monday, June 14, 2010

14 June - S & R

Oh my god what did I do! Before Xmas I introduced a good g/friend who lives abroad to my dashing actor neighbour (well, I was trying to introduce him to all my single g/friends though i knew some would find him a little smarmy/too flirty /too forward, which I defended by saying he's a posh boy, he's an actor, of course he does the 'undress you with his eyes' routine.

Anyway, there started a flurry of text and email communication after she left and I was pleased, it seemed to give her happy moments, though I was still slightly bewildered he went for her as wouldn't exactly have matched them. Then lately she's been hinting that she's scared of meeting him because....

Turns out clever man has been grooming her! Shock horror. He's not so much into S&M as totally into M of the strongest kind she says (piss shit being buggered and flogged no less) and she doesn't know what to do since she's had romantic love but not this kind. But clearly she's curious and he's spotted this in her.

What could I advise? Clearly as my tenet is do everything once, I said go for it. If you no like you get out. Though that's exactly what she's worried about, ie getting emotionally hurt given that she comes from a history of familial psychological abuse. Mmmh. Then she was stressing about what to buy to wear at some S&M club he's asked her to go to. So, and this is genius, and this is why I get far more requests for advice than I ever ask for (frankly, correct me if am wrong but I never do ask for advice which in itself is sort of wrong but I prefer not to bother anyone), I told her to throw it back at him. His invite, his idea, not short of a penny or two, least he can do is go out buy her the kit and dress her as he so pleases. Result, half her worries have been debelled (think may be translating from a euro language there). I await news of this club soiree'.
Would like to discuss with Toph but can't. Darn. Since in our household, any time I am not easily contactable, I blame it on being upstairs with the neighbour and clearly now we know what sort of predator he is underneath the suave exterior, Toph would be worried for my safety. As if! Am tempted to offer services in the sense of getting him trussed up to, oh I don't know, paint my coal cellars?



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