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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

16 June - Fiftflops & my arse

Sometimes you have to use your blog as a whinging post because you don't really want to write to the daily mail, god forbid. You can feel foolish pursuing £36/40 but ... it's always the principle that gets invoked. I'll try to make this brief.

A relative in another town buys me a pair of Fitflops as requested for Xmas gift (it gets difficult to peg some gift request around an acceptable dollar amount and you'd be surprised how many people refuse to give you vouchers and insist it has to be a tangible object) . For whatever reason I don't start wearing them till mid-May and only indoors. I have my doubts as to what they proclaim to achieve for your leg toning fitness. Really, you'd have to walk 10 miles a day in them minimum to see any of the benefits promised but let's leave that go by.

Within days the 'ribbon' that attaches the straps to the central round plastic logo starts to come off. Once that starts it's inevitable that it will totally unravel and it does. Am blaming inattention at the factory, they cut it too short and hence any pull would unstitch it.

So I take a couple of photos and send to customer care saying I don't really want to involve the ageing relative and of course I have no receipt for them and the shop is 5 hours away so kindly send me a replacement or tell me where to collect in London. Much back and fro and they won't do it. I write, look, it's easy. Tell your PR office to give me a pair and write it off as if it had been sent to a journalist, the shoes cost you under a tenner for sure (says made in china on the sole so make that a fiver) so why make me post to relative, make her take a trip into town blah blah blah, post them back and we're up to £20 on recorded delivery alone. After all the original shop still would have to send back to your distribution centre so the amount of time spent on this is still a fair bit. Answer is still no.

So I phone the shop and eventually get a kind person who finds the transaction and asks me to post them to them. Which I'll do. But zero points to customer care who, in her email writes 'you must appreciate that we are not set up for refunds (fair enough am not asking you to process a cheque, I even said that so long as they were size 4 any style would do, am not, repeat not, a flip flop wearer in town situations) and we get DOZENS of returns requests DAILY (my caps) from all over the world.'

There you go. Would point to all not being good in the world of FF. Don't believe the hype.



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